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Olympic musings

When I was a kid and I watched the summer and winter games on TV, I wished that one day the Olympics would set up shop in my hometown. Wouldn't that be cool?

Well, here they are! In the lead up I've been as cranky and apprehensive as a lot of us have been. The choked traffic... the misdirected public spending... those odd mascots...

So I focused on the offerings of the Cultural Olympiad and got some tickets and booked a few days off here and there to take in some of the freebies scattered around. I've just secured some men's hockey tickets to see Finland versus Germany. Wow, I'll be at an actual Olympic event. Not so cranky now.

The world came to us when Expo 86 hit Vancouver. Back then I was living near Granville Island. I bought Expo passes and spent many memorable days soaking up the international vibe at the site with my eldest daughter, then a toddler. We had a blast.

There's some magic to be had when cultures crash together and I predict we will experience that again in a few short days throughout Metro Vancouver.

Sure we've got the ocean and the mountains and we're often pretty smug about our natural environment. But it's not just about woods, wind and water. Our communities are vibrant and alive and humming along at a distinctively West Coast frequency because of the diversity of our friends, neighbours and fellow travellers who call this glorious place home.

About a quarter of a million folks are dropping in for a whirlwind visit. You think Metro Vancouver is humming now? Let the Games begin!

- Michael B @ United Way