CPABC is pleased to participate in the 2017 United Way Workplace Campaign. We run a workplace campaign because we believe in helping the most vulnerable members of our community and aim to create life-saving connections.

We’d like to ask you to participate as well and hope you will give to United Way to empower children and families, engage youth to realize their potential, and to provide compassionate care so senior citizens can live independently.

With more than 200 community partner agencies, United Way is able to provide programs and services which really make a difference in our community.


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The right connection can change everything.

CPABC employees and members have helped so many seniors find their spark again.

Unfortunately, there are still many that need your help. 

Over 25,000 Lower Mainland seniors say they have no one to talk to.

You can make a difference.


When you’re vulnerable, the right connection can save your life.

Lonely and feeling like she had little to live for, Angie’s life changed when she joined a United Way-supported Seniors Active Aging program.  

Now Angie has friends and a full social calendar.

“You’re giving people their lives back,” she says.

Sadly, there are many lonely seniors still left behind from in-demand social programs.  

The right connection could save their lives.
Could it be you? Please give today.


From Sept 1 to Dec 31 2017,  make your first gift to United Way or increase your 2016 gift to  United Way by 15% or more and it qualifies to be doubled through United Way's Philanthropists' Circle  Gift Matching Program.

Give now to bring life-saving connections to twice as many seniors.


Double your impact