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Local giving, local results. When people don’t have enough to eat, we give them food. But will their hunger ever go away if we don’t look at why they’re hungry in the first place?

At United Way of the Lower Mainland, solving the problems in our community isn’t just about crisis intervention – it’s about getting at the root cause and preventing problems before they start. It’s what sets United Way apart from other charities. When we see people in need, we dig deep to identify the cause, create long-term solutions and build a better community for everyone. We are the backbone of an area-wide network of community agencies.

The donations we receive from workplace campaigns make a big difference. Because of 576 workplaces like yours, United Way can proactively help 340,000 people in the Lower Mainland.

how we all help lower mainland


Join us.

If you run an annual United Way workplace campaign, you can have a big impact not only on people in need, but also on your own employees. Here’s how a campaign could look for you:

Simply say yes

1. Simply say yes!
You’re joining the 570+ organizations and unions who have committed to being corporate social responsibility leaders.


Let your staff lead

2. Let your staff lead.
In what is the ultimate team building opportunity, your employees come together to plan and participate in fun events to raise money for United Way.


You give back, your staff are invigorated.

3. You give back, your staff are invigorated.
You’ve enabled your staff to raise money for a great cause and your employees feel proud to be part of an organization that helps build a better community for everyone.


For a United Way workplace campaign presentation or for more information, please email Kris Gibson or call 604.294.8929 ext. 2314.