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Campaign Associate Program for Employers

Loan an employee or sponsor someone to help United Way.

Loan us your star employee

A Campaign Associate is an employee who is loaned (seconded) from their organization or sponsored by an organization to work for 16 weeks during United Way’s annual fundraising campaign from September to December. Campaign Associates act as fundraising project managers while leading volunteers and inspiring donors to make an impact on our community.

A win for everyone

Employees return to their organizations with a host of new and upgraded skills and your company benefits from positive public exposure across the Lower Mainland. United Way also extends its fundraising staff at no extra cost.

Unable to loan an employee? Sponsor an associate.

A sponsored Associate is an individual hired by United Way, whose bi-weekly honorarium is paid for by a sponsoring organization. A sponsored Associate plays the same role as a loaned Associate. Often, co-op students, retirees or professionals in transition will apply for sponsored Associate roles.

For more information, please contact Gabriel Avelar at 604.294.8929 ext. 2260.