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Our labour partnership

Unions are an important force for democracy, not just in the workplace, but beyond. Here in Canada, we have a strong social safety net in place to catch us when we need help. That’s due in part to the strength of the Labour movement and unions.

United Way and Labour have been partners for more than 30 years. The partnership developed around a common interest: ensuring that workers and their families have access to social services in their community.

Many of the workplaces than run fundraising campaigns are unionized. But the partnership goes deeper than just financial support.

Labour representatives volunteer with United Way as members of the United Way Board of Directors Labour Committee, Campaign Cabinet Labour Committee and as part of the CLC United Way Labour Community Advocates Program. Labour also has input in the decision-making process around policy and allocation of funds.

For Labour publications and resources, including tools to help run a United Way campaign, click here.

Labour organizations working with United Way: