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Labour Community Advocates

The CLC United Way Labour Community Advocacy program is a cornerstone of the Labour and United Way Partnership that has been in place for over 30 years. The program is prevention based with a goal of helping union members in the workplace.

Labour Community Advocates are individuals within a union who have been trained to act as a resource to provide peer support to fellow workers trying to cope with workplace, personal or family challenges. Labour Community Advocates help their colleagues deal with personal problems and refer them to programs in their community that can provide direct support. They are good listeners and they have credibility with co-workers and the local union executive. Dealings with members are kept strictly confidential and referrals to community resources are completely voluntary.

Labour Community Advocates are specially trained through the CLC (Canadian Labour Congress) Labour Community Advocacy course and volunteer or are appointed to do this special job by their local union.

Labour Community Advocates improve lives and help strengthen our communities through the work that they do. They also develop life-long skills and relationships that can benefit them in their personal lives or with their union, workplace and community.

The CLC United Way Labour Community Advocates program can be an integral part of a union’s involvement in building and strengthening the community, as well as monitoring the wellness of the worksite.

Please refer to the Labour and United Way Partnership CLC United Way Labour Community Advocacy Program brochure for more details.