United Way Campaign Toolkit

Your Campaign starts with you.

The United Way campaign toolkit provides information to help you through every step of your campaign. Included are tips, best practices, forms, templates, materials, videos, and everything in between. These are all the necessary resources for coordinating a fun, educational and successful Workplace Campaign. 

Thank you for volunteering with your organization’s United Way campaign! Your enthusiasm and hard work will make a tremendous difference in the lives of people in your very own community. 

If you need any additional resources, please contact your Campaign Manager. We’re always here to help! 

Run your campaign in 5 easy steps


Campaign Training & Planning Guides

Training Videos

United Way 101 & Campaign Basics
Campaign Strategies & Best Practices
GenNext & GenNext Workplace Campaigns
Here for Impact – Food Security
5 Steps to a Successful Campaign
We’re Here to Help


Posters, videos, stories and digital assets


Impact Videos

Impact Stories

Digital Assets


Impact speakers, events, volunteer opportunities


Donation forms & information

Pledge Forms

Impact Boost Gift Match

Gift Examples

Tax Benefits


Impact Reports

Thank-you Card

Additional Resources


Teams/Zoom backgrounds

Labour Tools – Coming Soon!