GenNext Inspiration Guide

Harnessing the millennial mindset to energize your United Way campaign.

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Make giving social. Use events, recognition and social media to connect donors with their colleagues at work.

Coordinate efforts. Work with your HR department to ensure employees are aware of the benefits of getting involved with your United Way campaign.

Encourage participation. Use GenNext employees’ enthusiasm and skills to get more people involved! Encourage leadership opportunities for GenNext, such as speaking at the campaign kick-off.

Expand use of media. Use videos and photos to showcase giving and engage your workplace. Develop your own internal video content to connect your workplace with giving to United Way.

Keep it concise. Keep campaign messaging short and to the point. Use links for more information.

Engage ambassadors. Encourage GenNext to join your United Way campaign committee. Campaign teamwork is an opportunity for GenNext to strut their stuff as they develop professionally and to sharpen their skills.

Create leadership opportunities. Recruit a GenNext campaign chair or representative to your campaign committee. Empower them to lead the delivery of a GenNext strategy in your organization. Pass the mic! Invite GenNext chairs to speak at your campaign kick-off.

Recognize efforts. Ensure GenNext contributions and achievements are recognized in ways that matter to them. From networking opportunities to more high-profile shout-outs, every pat on the back counts.

Focus on UW impact. GenNext are new school, giving to causes and individuals, not organizations. Use impact speakers to communicate the concrete impact in the community. Translate your dollar goal into an outcome: “$5000 raised helps X children and families in your community.”

Communicate personal stories. Emphasize stories that resonate with the idea of “six degrees of separation,” that someone you know has benefited from United Way services. Share the impact videos provided by United Way.

Incentivize with corporate matching. Remember that your company is a donor too. Employees are more motivated to donate if their employer matches at least a portion of their gift.

Encourage peer-to-peer giving. GenNext are more likely to donate if their co-worker asks them to. Use our online Peer to Peer Fundraising tools to promote group fundraising.

Create friendly competition. Contests are a tried and true way to compel teams to strive for a goal and surpass other departments, teams or branches.

The best way to do accomplish all three? Organize a GenNext event.

Encourage healthy competition. 

Bragging rights and social cache are great motivators for GenNext – and let’s face it – all your staff.

Add fun to events. 

GenNext wants events that are fun and social, while creating a meaningful impact. Create parties with purpose.

Create an experience. 

Is it memorable? Photo friendly? Create unique experiences your staff can’t wait to Instagram.

For a full list of event ideas that will inspire and engage GenNext click here.

If you have questions about how to engage GenNext in the workplace, please contact your United Way staff partner.

The United Way of the Lower Mainland is working with a volunteer team of professionals in their 20s and 30s to help develop ideas and strategies to engage GenNext in your workplace. To learn more about the GenNext program and how you can get involved visit To meet our GenNext Campaign Cabinet, click here.

Interested in more information about the GenNext initiative?

Contact Ryley Humphry, Campaign Manager,


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