Workplace Campaigns

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Why run a workplace campaign?

A workplace campaign is a great way to bring employees together around a common cause. Join the hundreds of organizations from across the Lower Mainland in building sustainable, long-term solutions to social issues in our community.

  • Strengthen your organization’s profile as an active community leader
  • Enhance workplace morale, pride, team building and employee loyalty
  • Provide an opportunity for your employees to get involved and give back to their community
  • Develop a company-culture of helping others and changing lives

City of Surrey and CUPE 402 workplace campaign

Each year the City of Surrey and CUPE 402 members come together to raise money to help kids, seniors and community through a partnership with United Way.

This campaign is just one of hundreds of workplace campaigns that take place across the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley and his helping communities thrive.

Start your own workplace campaign

A workplace campaign can improve local lives, raise your company profile, provide employees with valuable leadership experience, boost staff engagement, and drive team building. Connect with us to learn how your workplace can start a workplace campaign.

How to get started

A great way to start is to get in touch with one of our campaign managers. These experts help hundreds of companies run workplace campaigns every year and can support you and your organization as you look to launch a campaign. You can also download our quick start guide, or browse our toolkit below.

Check out our Employee Campaign Guide for tips on how to run a great campaign.

Download Guide

How to run a successful campaign in 5 easy steps

1. Energize

2. Inspire

3. Engage

4. Ask

5. Thank

Campaign Toolkit

Thank you for volunteering with your organization’s United Way campaign. Your enthusiasm and hard work make a tremendous difference in the lives of people right here in your community.

This toolkit provides information to help you through every step of your campaign. Included are tips, best practices, forms, templates, materials, videos and everything in between. These are all the necessary resources for coordinating a fun, educational and successful Workplace Campaign. If you are new to United Way fundraising, check out our quick start guide.

Good planning is essential for a successful campaign. We have some planning templates and information to help you get your campaign ready and set up for success! Our staff is also happy to offer additional ideas and assistance.

Download Guide

Special Events
Participation in campaign-related events helps people to connect and establishes a great atmosphere at your workplace all while creating an opportunity for inspiring your colleagues to donate and make a change in our community

Check out our special events guide

Training opportunities

United Way offers many online and payroll donation options. Below you can download donation forms, learn about online giving and payroll donations and read our Donor Choice Policy.

Donation Forms

Workplace Pledge Form
This form can be used for a donation of any amount.

Pledge Form (payroll)
Pledge Form (non-payroll)
Thank you message for donors

Donors who wish to fill out the pledge form electronically must complete the following steps:


  • Download Pledge Form (payroll) or Pledge Form (non-payroll) to your computer
  • Open in Acrobat Reader 7 or higher
  • Fill out the Pledge Form on your computer and save, then email to your Employee Campaign Coordinator
  • If you have provided your credit card information, please mail or hand deliver this form to your Employee Campaign Coordinator

Tax benefits of giving

Tax Benefits
Donations qualify for great tax benefits. See what it costs per pay, after tax incentives, to make an impact. Use this handy tool to calculate your tax credits.

Tax incentives (24 pay periods per year, 26 pay periods per year)

Engaging Millenials

A photo of the United Way GenNext Inspiration Guide

Use our GenNext Inspiration Guide to inspire millennials to participate in a United Way Workplace Campaign

Inspiration Guide (pdf) or online Inspiration Guide

Leadership Giving

Give a gift of $1,200 or more and become a Leadership donor. In addition to making a meaningful and measurable difference, Leadership donors will receive additional benefits.

Leadership Training Guide (pdf)

Philanthropists’ Circle Gift Match

A photo of the Retiree Brochure cover

You Give. We Match. One gift doubles your impact. That means you’re making more incredible things happen for others.

If this is your first time giving to United Way, or if you increase your 2018 gift to us by 15% or more, then it qualifies to be doubled through our gift matching program,

Philanthopists’ Circle Gift Match (pdf)

Retiree Program

Online Giving

Our online giving tool offers an alternative to paper pledge forms. Each employee receives a personalized email link to our online system with a variety of methods to donate.

If you are interested in this system for your workplace, please contact our Online Campaigns Team.

Collecting Donations

The employee campaign and special events reports will help you keep track of funds you’ve collected throughout your workplace campaign.

Employee Campaign Report (pdf)
Special Events Report (pdf)

Campaign Posters

Community Profiles

All That Kids Can Be

These profiles can be used to show how United Way is helping children, seniors and their families right where you live, work and play.


Gifts at Work:
Donations at work
Pledge Passport


United Way funded agencies and corporate supporters are welcome to use United Way of the Lower Mainland’s brandmark in their communication and marketing materials. Our usage guidelines are to be applied consistently to ensure a uniform visual presentation of the United Way brand.

Colour Logo

JPEG | for Vector EPS, please contact your campaign manager

Black & White Logo

JPEG | for Vector EPS, please contact your campaign manager.

Local Love

At United Way, we’re committed to channeling local love in all we do… to igniting the desire in everyone to improve this community we call home.  Use these Local Love graphics to help promote your United Way campaign and inspire local love in your community! Simply right-click on the image to save to your desktop or folder.

Video Resources

Early Years Learning

Watch on YouTube
Download from CacheFly*

*(right-click on link and “Save As” to download)

Youth Futures Education Fund

Watch on YouTube
Download from CacheFly*

*(right-click on link and “Save As” to download)

High School Completion

Watch on YouTube
Download from CacheFly*

*(right-click on link and “Save As” to download)

Youth Mental Health

Watch on YouTube
Download from CacheFly*

*(right-click on link and “Save As” to download)


Watch on YouTube
Download from CacheFly*

*(right-click on link and “Save As” to download)


Watch on YouTube
Download from CacheFly*

*(right-click on link and “Save As” to download)


Watch on YouTube
Download from CacheFly*

*(right-click on link and “Save As” to download)

Visit our YouTube channel to view more United Way videos.

Photo Resources

These photos are great examples of the children, families and seniors who are being helped across the Lower Mainland. Use these resources in your newsletters or other communications to show the impact a donation to United Way has on your community. Click on them to view a bigger version that you can download and save to your desktop.

All that kids can be

Building stronger communities

Speakers Bureau

Community Speakers Bureau
Host a speaker at your workplace or event who can talk about the impact of United Way and how your support has changed lives. Speakers include community members who have received help, volunteers, and more.

Book a Community Impact Speaker

Women United

Women United
Connect with a group of innovative and inspiring women just like you, who are ready to speak up and support vulnerable young women in the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley.

Join our community of change-makers

United Way of the Lower Mainland’s GenNext initiative is the go-to gathering of people in their 20s and 30s who want to create lasting change in their communities.

Check out the GenNext inspiration guide

A photo of United Way buttons

Special Events
Participation in campaign-related events helps people to connect and establishes a great atmosphere at your workplace all while creating an opportunity for inspiring your colleagues to donate and make a change in our community

Check out our special events guide

Digital campaigns are becoming more popular, and especially suited to workplaces with a lot of employees offsite or those working from home. Here are some handy resources and links that can be used to engage your ‘virtual team’ and get them participating in fun digital ways. Connect with your campaign manager for further details and resources.

The most effective way to engage participants in your organization is through monthly payroll giving. However, we recognize workplaces come in all shapes and sizes and have other giving options available to ensure your campaign is a success! For more information on online giving, please contact our office at 604-294-8929.


Pledge form: Writeable pdf allows individuals to complete their personal donation details and return digitally.

Email and Social Media Shareables: Use these graphics to draw attention to your email and social media campaign messaging.




Not all events need a physical presence, these events can be done over email to engage your team remotely, click here for event ideas.



Handy Resources:

    1. Logos and graphics: Use these to add branding and imagery to your emails:
    2. Videos: Inspire your donors with some amazing videos available on our YouTube channel
    3. Making choices poverty simulation game is a poverty simulator everyone can do at their desk to understand the tough choice too many people in our communities make every day
    4. Newsletter content: Use content from our blog to inspire your donors



Social Media:

Connect with us on social media, and you’ll be able to interact with donors, engage with agencies and access an array of content that can help you tell the United Way story.

Acts of Local Love Card Deck Challenge*

The 31-card challenge is a simple to use card deck that will inspire you to carry out one act of local love every day. Take the challenge as an individual or get together with your co-workers and challenge them to share the love! Why? Because small things add up.

* Please contact your Campaign Manager to learn how you can integrate the Acts of Local Love Card Deck Challenge into your workplace campaign OR to order larger quantities of card decks.

We’re here to help

Taking on the role of campaign coordinator should be fun, and give you a chance to connect with colleagues in a new way. We want you to have a great experience. If you have any questions while reading this guide, or during the implementation of your workplace campaign, please call or email us.

Kris Gibson
Director, Workplace Campaigns
604.294.8929 ext 2314

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