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Mobilizing Local Love

We are here to help you.

Most of us say we’re fine even when we’re not. The truth is, more and more of us need help right now but we don’t think we qualify. Others are simply afraid to ask.

With mass layoffs and under-employment, people are struggling to make ends meet. Critical workers are pushed to their limits. Parents are stressed trying to balance work and child-care with self-care.

We are here for you. No matter what your situation. Whether you need groceries, help with tasks, support coping with stress or anything in between, we can connect you to the resources you need. This is what local love looks like.

You are not alone. It is okay to ask for help. And it’s confidential. Connect with us today.

Interested in volunteering? We’d love to hear from you.

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Comments from people we've helped:

"I really appreciate what you are doing for me. Your kind voice on the other end of the phone makes a big difference.." - a local senior suffering from anxiety due to Covid-19 on the assistance she's received with grocery, pick up runs and weekly check-ins by a United Way volunteer.

"Thank you very very very much for these wonderful blessings! We are blessed beyond what we asked for. I was actually in tears and my husband as well. Our kids are very happy and excited. Thank you so so so much" - the reaction from a recent immigrant and mother of 3, whose husband just lost his job due to Covid-19, after receiving gift certificates to use for food to feed her family.

Let us know how we can help.

    • I acknowledge that I am over the age of 18 and competently able to make an informed decision.
    • I consent to my information being shared with my match.
    • I understand that all interactions have a risk to them, and that I engage in them of my free will.
    If you are 65 or older we will connect you with our Safe Seniors, Strong Communities program.
  • Please note that ivolunteer.ca is an online volunteer network and does not assume any liability for any of the interactions that occur through our platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

We know you have questions so we’ve tried to address the most common questions below:

We match volunteers and neighbours together based on the location, the requested need, the availability of the volunteer and the skill set the volunteer is offering. Once a match is made, we notify the neighbour and pass along the volunteer’s email and phone number. The neighbour then connects directly with the volunteer to coordinate next steps.

Each match is based on a one-time commitment fulfilling a one-time need. If you would like to provide ongoing support, you are welcome to connect directly with your match to work out the details or reconnect with our volunteer site. Neighbours can resubmit a form as many times as needed.

Volunteering during this period will look different than it normally does as we practice social distancing. Typical requests at this time will include shopping and providing urgent supplies to those in need, walking a dog or posting mail for those self-isolating or making a friendly phone call to check in on an isolated individual. Requests will vary.

No, we do not charge the volunteer or neighbour any fees for this service. Any purchases required by a neighbour will be paid by them or donated and supplied through United Way. We’ve developed this platform to help keep neighbours connected during this difficult time.

All volunteers are requested to submit a photo of themselves holding their BC driver’s license and will be subject to a standard criminal record check. Volunteers will be asked to complete a criminal record check once their application has been received and reviewed. It’s a simple process and only takes a few minutes to complete.

People from all walks of life are experiencing challenges they’ve never faced before thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic. We have found that if a neighbour has taken the vulnerable step to ask for help, they really need it. However, if for some reason you’re questioning the intentions of your match, please let us know.

This all depends on the need being addressed. In most cases, we share the first name, phone number and email of the volunteer with the neighbour. It is then up to the neighbour to connect with the volunteer and decide what information they want to share. No information from the neighbour asking for support is shared. United Way is committed to protecting the privacy of its donors, volunteers and participants. Please read our Privacy Policy to learn more.

We are all working as fast as we can to meet the needs of our neighbours and volunteers. Please be patient with us and know that we’re doing our best to match all volunteers and neighbours as quickly as possible. And keep an eye on your email inbox – you'll be hearing from us as soon as we have a match for you.

  • Delivery and pick-ups: Items such as medications, groceries, posting mail, picking up packages, delivering meals etc.
  • Friendly check ins: Someone in your neighbourhood to call or email you regularly to see how you are doing? A friendly chat.
  • Dog walking: Someone to walk your dog and make sure that he/she is getting exercise and some time outside
  • Yardwork: Help with maintaining your yard. Things like mowing the lawn, watering flowers, cleaning up debris, etc.
  • Technology: Help with setting up technology like computers, entertainment systems and networks and programs such as social media that can help you stay connected to those you love and others in your community
  • Other: Is there something else you’d like help with? - Tell us