GenNext Cabinet: Meet Dorothee


Dorothee Xing

What role do you serve on GenNext Cabinet?
I’m an Events & Communications Team Member and the Lead on the 2019 Impact Red: Rooftop Social.

What’s Your Day Job?
Corporate Development Associate

What is your best party trick?
I’m really good at telling awkward jokes without embarrassing myself, and I have a good short term memory but with numbers only.

What is your guilty pleasure?
S W E E T S !

What has been one of your favourite GenNext moments?
The first time I heard Phil [another GenNext Cabinet member] sharing his story at the 2018 Impact Red: Rooftop Social.

What does it mean to you, to give back?
I’d like to share a quote from Norman Mugisha, a Scholar studying at EARTH University in Costa Rica – “We rise by lifting others.” Giving back to society doesn’t just make me feel good, it helps me grow as an emotionally aware human being, it gives me a sense of belonging, and it expands my purpose of life. When we give back to our communities, we unite from different ethnic groups and cultures for a common cause, which creates a stronger and more stable environment for us to live in and a brighter future for the next generations to come.

Why did you join the GenNext cabinet?
It allows me to make a difference by getting physically involved and connecting with like-minded people across the Greater Vancouver area.

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