Gloren Guelos shares the secret to her success, and it’s routed closer in local love than you’d think.

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Gloren Guelos

Gloren Guelos is a multipotentialite. If this term is new to you, you’re not alone. It means she draws from many passions and creative pursuits—including dance teacher, mentor, volunteer, holder of the Miss BC 2016 and Miss World BC 2019 titles, and current competitor for Miss World Canada 2019.

When Gloren has a new goal or interest, she finds the people and paths that will help her achieve her best self. This dedication and ambition inspire the people around her.

She credits the pageant world with strengthening her power of empathy and tolerance. She wants to break the stereotypes of pageantry because the opportunity is a privilege.

Gloren says, “The encouragement from people who support you makes anything you want to do whether it’s big or small, achievable.” She uses her platform to volunteer and raise funds for local charities and help those less fortunate in the community.

Trained as a nurse, Gloren works in care homes and has witnessed people at their lowest moments, but she shares, “Not everyone is ok, although everyone tries to put their best self forward.” This positivity is reflected in every aspect of her life.

To Gloren local love means “inclusion and acceptance of one another”, and she has a deep understanding of how feeling included makes a meaningful difference.

Creating a neighbourhood of inclusion comes from small and simple gestures such as buying local or offering a smile along your beach run. Gloren believes these little acts of local love can mean so much and turn someone’s day around.


Gloren GuelosThe items in Gloren’s tote help her stay connected and empowered. 

So what’s in Gloren’s tote? 

Organic fruits – purchased locally from a farmers market and shared with family and new friends. She enjoys bonding over the connection of good food to produce healthy bodies. 

Wallet – prepares her for the opportunity to purchase from a local business. 

Phone – because as a mentor, staying connected facilitates her ability to empower other’s passions. 

Treasured agenda – keeps Gloren from getting overwhelmed. Going over her agenda makes her smile. The orderly colour code and the ability to look at what was accomplished last month makes a busy future possible. Her small daily journal lets her capture her favourite moments along the journey. 

“Water bottle shakers are my life!” she declares. Always active, Gloren uses it as a lifeline. If she doesn’t bring enough food, water and a little protein powder will get her to the next goal. 

To Gloren, the tote made her smile right away. It reminds her of what she loves about Canada, including people from different walks of life that are encouraged to share their culture freely. Proud of her Filipino roots, she appreciates a country that leads the world in recognition and inclusion of her culture and those of all the people she meets locally. 

Find Gloren Guelos on Instagram @glorenguelos 

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