Warm up the holidays for a lonely senior in your community

Feeling alone. It’s a hardship many seniors across the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley experience daily.

Perhaps you know someone—a parent, a grandparent or a friend, who is experiencing this.

It becomes especially painful during the holidays for seniors like Sally who don’t have any family close by.

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That’s why United Way’s Active Aging* programs are so vital. These programs combine physical and social activities to help vulnerable seniors improve their quality of life.

Sally has new friends and a new start in life now, thanks to donors like you!

Will you warm up your heart and help another senior like Sally?

As more seniors across the province are aging, more seniors will need support. Make a donation today and help another senior access an Active Aging* program.

Please give before December 31, so we can bring joy to these seniors sooner. We’ll also be so much closer to our goal of helping over 66,000 seniors next year.

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Your generosity can benefit both you and the community

 Make a donation and maximize your 2019 tax return. You have until midnight, December 31 to make a donation and save on your taxes — don’t miss out! See how much you can save…

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It’s also not too late to double your generosity. If you increase your 2018 gift by 15% or more before midnight December 31, your donation qualifies to be matched.**

Give online today here: uwlm.ca/helpseniors


*Active Aging programs are supported in partnership between the Active Aging Research Team, United Way of the Lower Mainland and British Columbia’s Ministry of Health.

**Increase your 2018 gift to United Way by 15% or more, and it qualifies to be matched through United Way’s Philanthropists’ Circle Gift Matching Program.