Kama Jones totes her local love with ethical actions that keep her community strong.

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Kama Jones

“To me, local love is feeling a deep connection to both people and place, as well as taking action to make things better where you live.”

 Once a volunteer for community development work in Kenya and Rwanda, Kama now brings her drive to enrich others lives locally as an engaged teacher, blogger and mother.  

She teaches English, Art and Aboriginal classes. Here, experiences make a meaningful difference, and it’s also where she witnessed the benefit of United Way funded after-school program.  

 A “Vancouver Mom” top blogger, Kama combines a love of writing, photography and events to spotlight ethical brands and experiences. She also participates in a network that encourages fair wages and brand collaboration for mom bloggers. 

 You’ll find Kama and her family participating in fundraising walks, galas, and projects like the Shoreline Cleanup and BC Children’s Hospital’s Jeans Day. She instills her passion to strengthen community in her son, her “enthusiastic sidekick”. 

 Kama is inspired by Surrey’s beautiful parks, beaches and exciting energy. Kama states that Surrey’s local groups and world-class recreation centers invite small town ownership which makes anything possible. 

 But what drives Kama to keep giving her time? Perhaps it’s these words she remembers from a workshop by Dr. Martin Brokenleg, “To be a success you need belonging, generosity, mastery and independence.”  

 By this definition Kama Jones has not only found success but supports the success of others. 


Kama Jones ToteWhat’s in Kama’s tote? Globe-trotting Kama’s seven must-haves as a community-minded influencer. 

What does a busy mom bring with her in a tote? As you can imagine, it bursts with local love and global citizenship. 

Locally handmade skin care – that feels good to use and to purchase. 

scrunchy – to whisk away those long locks and see her world with clear intent. 

PALA sunglasses – a brand which sends profits back to Ghana to fund eye tests and aids in micro-economic development. Even the eyeglass cases are woven from plastic bags! 

A paintbrush and pencil – to represent her contributions as a teacher and leader to youth. 

The book: Reclaiming Youth at Risk: Our Hope for the Future – it holds special value to her as it is Martin Brokenleg, one of the authors whom she met over a life-shaping, three-day workshop that taught her about recognizing, accepting and moving past the biases we all hold.  

Her Pons Avarcas – hand-made shoes from Menorca, Spain, which she wears proudly and often.  

A reusable water bottle – to keep hydrated. Because it is a small act which makes an important contribution to the environment. 

Kama feels the relaxed and playful art of the United Way tote mindfully brings attention to diversity. She loves that it represents different abilities, cultures and landscapes and reflects the urban setting and natural pleasures she enjoys in Surrey. It speaks to how we are all part of one community.  

Best yet, it’s a neutral colour and “the perfect size for kids swimming gear,” she laughs, “and all the other mom-sized extras you need in a busy day.” 

Reach out to Kama on Instagram @kamadawnjones

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