Plogging is easy, earth-wise exercise

Recently, we hit the streets to find out what we can do to make our communities better for everyone. The overwhelming response?

Take care of each other and the spaces we call home.

The Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley are homes to incredible natural beauty and it’s important that we work hard to keep it that way. It’s one of the reasons why we’re intrigued and excited by the new fitness movement: plogging.

Haven’t heard of it? Neither had we!

Plogging began in Sweden in 2016 and is the mashup of picking up litter (from the Swedish term ‘plocka upp’) and jogging. Ploggers enjoy dynamic cardio workouts, while beautifying their exercise routes.

It’s an easy win-win for fitness and the environment.

Last month, our Vice President of Marketing and Communications Stephen Webster tried out plogging for the first time. On an early Saturday morning, he combined his weekend run with picking up litter in his neighborhood.

He was so encouraged by the experience that he began his own Facebook group, #PloggingVancouver. The group’s mission is to bring together dedicated people who want to improve the community they call home.

Trash picked up by Donna, a member of the local plogging group #VancouverPlogging.

“It’s an experiment – a show of local love – and a wish to give back to this environment that gives us so much,” says Stephen.

Melanie Knight is a former United Way staff member and also an avid local plogger. She has been sharing her story with different media across the country in the hopes of driving interest to this unique and fun fitness trend.

Melanie, out for a daily plog. Photo credit: Darryl Dyck/Canadian Press

She took up a 30-day challenge to collect litter for 10 minutes every day and has been telling her plogging story on her Instagram using the #10minutetidy hashtag.

In an interview with the CBC, Melanie says:

“[Plogging] just seemed like the perfect combination of kind of making a small change while doing something I’m already doing on a daily basis.”

Makes sense to us! Interested in giving plogging a try?

Here are 3 tips to get you started:

Bring a bag

It’s important to have a receptacle for the trash you’ll be picking up!

Wear gloves

This will keep skin contact with trash to a minimum and allow you to dive right down to different pieces you encounter on your route.

Partner up

You’re doing a great thing to help keep our community clean, so why not double the fun and your impact? Get plogging with a friend or loved one and show your neighbourhood love together.

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