Powering up our communities

How do you define the word ‘community’?

For some, it may be the street on which they live; for others, it’s the people, programs and businesses that make up their city.

For many, a community is made up of the people that they work with every day. After all, we spend more than 90,000 hours of lives at work – we can form strong bonds with the people who share our 9-5!

Seymour the Sea Otter with BC Hydro Power Pioneers!

This past weekend, BC Hydro’s province-wide community gathered for its annual hockey tournament in support of United Way. Now in its 20th year, this event sees employees from across BC taking part in the tournament, with retirees, families and friends coming out to support the teams and to enjoy each other’s company.

Drawing a winning raffle ticket!

Tennille Wong, Manager of Community Investment, knows that for many, the weekend is much more than just a tournament.

“The best thing about this event is that it’s a chance to rekindle old work friendships and to form new bonds. Every year, the ice rink’s parking lot basically becomes an RV park for the weekend,” laughs Tennille. “It makes it easy and fun for everyone to enjoy each other’s company.”

The Hydro community out in force!

In tandem with all of the pre-, post- (and on-ice!) networking, the tournament is also another avenue for BC Hydro employees to give back to their local communities.

“This event is essentially our spring kick-off event for BC Hydro’s annual United Way Workplace campaign,” says Tennille. “With attendees coming from all corner of the province, we can share United Way’s work in community and encourage each other to find different ways of giving back.”

United Way staff, along with our trusted companion Seymour the Sea Otter, had a blast taking in the tournament and meeting attendees of all ages. At United Way we love getting to know so many people who share a love for the places they call home – no matter what part of the province that may be.

Hockey fans come in all shapes and sizes.

As for the hockey, with 35 teams from five divisions competing for the title, competition was fierce. In the end, teams “The Temps”, “Finance”, “PG Construction”, “Batch 70” and “Bad Assets” were crowned the winners.

Action on the ice!

In total, $2,514 was raised in support of local communities and the life-changing programs that connect vulnerable children, families and seniors to the support they need.

“This annual event is a wonderful way of giving back,” concludes Tennille. “Giving others the opportunity to succeed and to live up to their full potential – that’s the greatest thing.”

We’re already lacing up for next year!