Reg Lok knows the key to local love starts with experiencing the local joys of a neighbourhood.

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Reg LokReg Lok is something of a triple threat– harnessing body, mind, and spirit to build joy among her neighbours. Reg is a kinesiologist, mom of two and works in digital marketing – all the tools she needs for a full life.

To Reg, local love means to love where you are: “Take pride in your home, enjoy your surroundings and engage with the people there. It makes me happy when I see the spirit and joy of the people where I live.”

Reg enjoys living near Coquitlam surrounded by nature. She is only steps away from local hikes and trails. It’s a safe place where her daughters can explore the forests and creeks. It provides a magical opportunity to connect to the neighbourhood.

Together, they discover ways to show their local love as a family. Last Christmas, Reg and her girls offered stockings to seniors and sponsored a family. They had the opportunity to meet the family, chat with them and provide gifts the family otherwise wouldn’t have been able to afford.

Reg and her family love where they live. They frequent a few local restaurants so regularly they know each other by name. Reg says, “Knowing your neighbours is a gift. Building a supportive network and exchanging small favours, like babysitting, builds strong ties.”


Reg Lok ToteWhat joys are in Reg’s tote?

You’ll find everything Reg needs to feed the body, so she can feed the soul. 

 Reg brings a water bottle with her EVERYWHERE.  

 lock – at-the-ready in case she wants to stop in at the gym for a workout.  

 Metal straws – allows her to lessen her environmental footprint. 

 Tons osnacks – to keep energy levels high. 

 Her “sunnies – for those impromptu summer walks! 

Reg offers this message: “People are people and we all deserve to be loved. It hurts my heart to know that I can’t help everyone, but that’s where United Way comes in. The tote will bring awareness to the community to do more where they can. And that is powerful. The illustration is beautiful. It represents people and love.” 

Reach out to Reg on Instagram @reglokv 

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