Steelworkers unite for positive change

United Steelworkers (USW) shares a long and proud history with United Way of the Lower Mainland. The relationship is rooted in a shared desire to make positive change and build strong communities. “Most of our members have done well in their jobs and in their careers. They’ve provided for their families and participated in their communities. There are a lot of people in our society that can’t.  So it’s our way of giving back,” says Steve Hunt, Director, District 3, United Steelworkers. Along with serving as a USW Director, he is a Member on the Board of Directors of United Way and is a former Chair of the Board. He has been involved with United Way here in the Lower Mainland for many years. “I’ve done well in my life and I’ve had good opportunities that others have not and being involved with United Way was my contribution back. People took the time to train me and give me some skills and I thought I could return those opportunities to others that are less advantaged than I am,” Steve says. United Way Centraide is USW’s charity of choice with locals across Canada donating more than a million dollars annually to help those in need. A Chair of the USW National Resolutions Committee, Steve played an instrumental role in making this happen. “United Way goes into the workplace and explains to workers why they are helping others with less opportunity than most of us have,” Steve says. “In my experience it’s makes people feel good when they know that they have helped the person they pass on the street who struggles or a child that doesn’t have the same opportunities as their kids.” “Steve leads by example. He cares about helping people in the community at the local, provincial and national level and he’s always used his voice to speak for others and to advocate on important social issues,” said Nikki Hill, Director of United Way’s CLC Labour Participation Department. USW sponsors the Labour United Award at the Scotiabank and United Way Community Spirit Awards. The Labour United Award is presented to a union and its members that best exemplify commitment to community and to furthering the values shared by United Way and the labour movement. The 2016 Labour United Award will be given out to a deserving union on February 21 at The Fairmont Hotel Vancouver.

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