The infinite value of volunteers

It’s one of our most favourite times of the year: National Volunteer Week!

We’re proud and excited to celebrate the 12.7 million volunteers (nearly 1 in 3 Canadians!) who give back their time, leadership, expertise and passion to build strong, connected and vibrant communities.

In B.C. alone, every year 1.5 million volunteers contribute 114 million hours to bettering their cities and neighbourhoods across the province. That’s equivalent to 60,000 full-time jobs!

We flip out for amazing volunteers – like these superstars from UBC!

At United Way, volunteers are behind so much of what we do. None of the work we do would be possible without the support of thousands of individuals from across the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley.

We cannot thank you enough.

You are the connection that changes everything. Because of your commitment to your community – because of your local love – we are able to build and invest in programs that change the lives of children, families and seniors for the better.

You ensure that everyone, no matter their age, background or ability, has the chance to thrive in the space they call home.

From every single one of us here at United Way: thank you.

Thinking about getting in involved in your community?

The benefits are real.

  • Add (the feeling) of more hours in your days: Volunteers who spend time helping others report actually feeling like they have more time.
  • Perk up: Volunteers experience less depression, or spring back from depression more easily – especially those age 65+.
  • Live long and prosper: Volunteers who have a goal of helping others can have stronger hearts and longer lives.

That’s the power of volunteering; it doesn’t just help those in need. And that’s something to celebrate!

Here are 5 unique ways of getting involved with your community.