Caregivers Handbook

Family & Friend Caregivers Information and Resource Handbook

United Way of the Lower Mainland is pleased to place this Family & Friend Caregivers Information and Resource Handbook, second edition, in your hands. The handbook is United Way’s response to repeated calls for an accessible, up-to-date guide to all the information that family and friend caregivers of the elderly need in their caregiving journeys.

The guide supplies information about the topics caregivers struggle with the most, including housing, health care and the law. Information covered includes:

  • The full range of community services that help seniors to age-in-place in their own homes (many of these agencies receives grants from United Way)
  • Housing, including information on getting into assisted living and residential care, and a check-list of things to do when a senior has to move
  • Caregiver supports, including United Way-funded support programs and networks in the region
  • The non-medical home support services offered by Better at Home, the government-funded and United Way-managed program
    Health concerns, such as dementia and depression, with information on disease-specific programs and websites
  • Legal issues, including how to prepare a representation agreement
  • End-of-life issues and care
  • Information for caregivers is also always available at bc211, a free information and referral service funded by United Way

The booklet was made possible through a grant from United Way of the Lower Mainland. Gerontologist and family caregiver consultant Katherine Willett is the writer and researcher of the guide. The handbook is updated from a version published in 2013.

United Way of the Lower Mainland supports seniors to stay independent, active and connected. We do this by investing in-home support services, caregiver and outreach programs to help seniors engage with their community and to live in their own homes, surrounded by friends, families and neighbours.


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