United Way School’s Out

Improved access to quality out-of-school programming

Ten years ago less than half of local grade 4 and 7 kids were enrolled in structured after-school activities. Now, according to the Director of the Human Early Learning Partnership and thanks to the ongoing support of United Way and donors like you, this number has increased to 85% of kids in the Lower Mainland.

kids running as part of the United Way Run and Read Program

Breaking down barriers

While we’ve made some great strides with respect to making after school programs available, it’s often the kids who would benefit the most from these valuable after-school activities who can’t access them. According to a recent survey by Insights West and United Way of the Lower Mainland, the biggest barriers to attending after-school programs in the Lower Mainland are cost (66%) and transportation (42%). United Way School’s Out programs break down these barriers for kids in need.

United Way School’s Out makes a real difference

In 2017-2018 thanks to the generosity of donors like you, United Way of the Lower Mainland was able to:

  •  Invest $1.4M in 30 local community School’s Out programs across the Lower Mainland
  • Help over 5,500 kids participate in high-quality School’s Out programs
  • Provide almost 150,000 healthy meals and snacks to participating kids
  • In addition, more than 770 Future Leaders (youth leaders and volunteers) were trained and engaged t help mentor these highly vulnerable kids.

Helping school-aged kids succeed

Our School’s Out programs provide healthy, safe, educational activities so that vulnerable elementary students can make constructive use of their time outside of school, particularly during the critical hours between 3 – 6pm.
These programs provide educational support and homework assistance, physical activity and development, mentoring, social and emotional support, and help at risk kids develop basic life skills.
United Way School’s Out programs help vulnerable kids achieve greater academic success, increase their self-confidence and self-esteem, and help them develop positive social behaviours and lifestyles.

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