All that kids can be

Every child deserves the chance to grow up great .

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Laying the foundation for lifelong success

When kids develop critical skills at a young age, they build a path to a successful life – and kids that grow up to be great make our communities great too. We believe that every child across the Lower Mainland deserves an equal opportunity to be all that they can be.

The Challenges

1 in 10 kids don't think a single adult cares about them.

Why it matters:

When kids feel like they have a strong network of support, they thrive. Healthy, educational activities help vulnerable kids achieve greater academic success, increase their self-confidence and self-esteem, and help them develop positive social behaviours and lifestyles.

25,000 local kids have nowhere safe to go after school.

Why it matters:

Quality after school programs do more than just provide children with a safe place to go. Children are able to connect with other adults, experience new opportunities and overcome barriers. When those barriers are removed they can build positive relationships with peers and develop confidence and skills for life.

How you’re helping kids with United Way

United Way invests your gifts so young children get a healthy start and school-aged kids succeed. United Way invests approximately $5-million each year in after-school programs; neighbourhood-driven initiatives to reach vulnerable kids; and special supports for Aboriginal children, refugee children, children with disabilities and survivors of abuse. Each year United Way donors create brighter futures for 140,000 kids.

Early Years Interventions

A child who starts school without the skills they need to succeed may never catch up or reach their full potential. Give an at-risk child a boost, however, and they can do amazing things. Early interventions work and save money; for every $1 spent in early childhood or poverty prevention programs, we save $6 later. This is why United Way invests donor gifts in early years programs like Avenues of Change, a community-based approach tackling childhood vulnerability in targeted Lower Mainland neighbourhoods.

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The Middle Years Matter

While early years interventions are crucial, it’s also important that school-aged kids see and believe that people care about them. Many great programs target the ends of the childhood spectrum – toddlers and teens. United Way identified a crucial gap in supports and services for kids aged 6-12, which is why we make unprecedented investments in these pivotal middle years through our School’s Out initiative.

We’re seeing results

85% of kids are now enrolled in after-school activity. 

This is a 35% increase from 10 years ago.

This is because of United Way and donors like you, 

as outlined by the leadership at the Human Early Learning Partnership (HELP) at the University of British Columbia,

Lives changed

When you’re vulnerable, the right connection can save your life. For Verdann, it was an after-school program which helps Aboriginal, new immigrant and inner-city kids grow their self-confidence, develop social connections and learn new skills. Learn how United Way funded programs helped.

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